Theis to Biden DOJ: Parents aren’t terrorists

Theis to Biden DOJ: Parents aren’t terrorists

LANSING, Mich. Sen. Lana Theis introduced a resolution on Wednesday condemning the Biden administration’s Department of Justice for inhibiting parents’ constitutional rights to free speech.

Senate Resolution 86 comes in response to the Biden DOJ’s recent memo seeking to weaponize federal authorities to investigate parents for expressing their opinions at school board meetings throughout the country.

“It is shameful that the federal government would seek to punish parents of schoolchildren for voicing their opinions during public school board hearings,” said Theis, R-Brighton. “More than ever, parents are being marginalized by elements within the education system that promote a divisive agenda based on false narratives about our country and its history, while forcing mandates that threaten students’ education.

“It is no wonder that families throughout our state and nation are angry and eager to let their local school boards know what they think. These parents aren’t terrorists; they’re disenfranchised citizens worried about their children’s future and that of this country. Prejudicially calling them threats to society will have a chilling effect, not only on school board participation but democracy itself.

“A bedrock principle in America is our First Amendment right to express ourselves and to petition our government, and at no time is this more important to defend than when residents express disagreement with government policies. The DOJ memo was a scare tactic to silence parents. I condemn it and anyone who supports this blatant attempt to intimidate parents who are just looking out for their kids.”

The resolution was referred to the Senate Education and Career Readiness Committee for consideration.









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