Theis: State’s next budget sent to governor

Theis: State’s next budget sent to governor

LANSING, Mich. — The state’s fiscal year 2020 budget was approved by the Legislature on Tuesday and now advances to the governor for signing, said Sen. Lana Theis.

“Today the Legislature once again demonstrated that we can come together to approve a budget that provides record funding for schools and roads, while continuing to support other vital interests like public health and safety, and our natural resources — all without new or higher taxes, which residents in our district overwhelming oppose,” said Theis, R-Brighton. “I encourage the governor to consider this and sign the budget bills to avoid an unnecessary government shutdown.”

Last week the Legislature finalized the school budget, which invests more than $15.2 billion in K-12 education — the most money spent on K-12 education in the state’s history — with a foundation allowance boost of between $120 and $240 per pupil, which is significantly higher than the governor’s budget recommendation. Other funds for education included $522 million to help at-risk students, a $21.5 million increase in career and technical education funding, and a $60 million increase for special education.

Other highlights of the budget include:

  • $5.4 billion for transportation — an increase of more than $2 billion since FY 2010;
  • $120 million in drinking water protections;
  • $13.3 million for state and local efforts to respond to public health hazards;
  • An increase in local government revenue sharing;
  • Increased funding for public universities and community colleges; and
  • Additional funding to train more state troopers and corrections officers.

The budget bills will be presented to the governor this week.

The state is constitutionally required to enact a balanced budget by Oct. 1



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