Theis: Budget proposal overspends and underdelivers

Theis: Budget proposal overspends and underdelivers

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Lana Theis, R-Brighton, issued the following statement on Wednesday after voting no on the state Senate’s fiscal year 2025 budget proposal:

“The budget passed by the Democrat majority goes to amazing lengths to pick the pockets of state taxpayers and continues last year’s trend of overspending and underdelivering.

“Last year, this same Democrat majority had a $9 billion surplus that took 10 years of responsible budgeting to build up and blew through it without any regard for the repercussions of such irresponsible spending. This year, they had no surplus to raid and instead relied on a $700 million income tax hike and taking $670 million from the teacher retirement fund to pay for the spending spree.

“Last year’s budget and the current budget plan for next year have done far less than what’s necessary to help address the drastic needs of our state infrastructure or help Michigan families, workers or businesses.

“Instead, taxpayer dollars are being spent giving away money to multinational corporations and funding pet projects that make winners and losers out of our residents.

“This budget prioritizes nothing but bigger government, and I could not support it.”


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