Committee approves Theis resolution on chronic fatigue syndrome

Committee approves Theis resolution on chronic fatigue syndrome

LANSING, Mich. — The Health Policy and Human Services Committee on Thursday reported a resolution by Sen. Lana Theis to raise awareness of chronic fatigue syndrome.

“Chronic fatigue syndrome is a serious and often misunderstood disease that seriously impacts the quality of life of tens of thousands of Michiganders,” said Theis, R-Brighton. “It is important that we raise awareness about chronic fatigue syndrome to help increase research efforts and improve the availability and quality of medical and supportive care for those who are suffering from the disease.”

Specifically, Senate Resolution 20 urges recognition of chronic fatigue syndrome, or myalgic encephalomyelitis, as a serious, debilitating disease and urges key entities to improve patient care, prioritize new research, educate health professionals and raise awareness about the severity of the disease.

Brian Shuell, who is a constituent of Theis’ and struggles with chronic fatigue syndrome, joined the senator at committee to talk about the impact it has had on his life.

The National Academy of Medicine calls chronic fatigue syndrome a serious, chronic, complex and systemic disease that frequently and dramatically limits the activities of affected patients, leaving them with a lower quality of life. There are an estimated 41,500 Michigan residents believed to be affected by the disease.

The illness affects people of all ages, races and sex and renders many unable to leave home, preventing them from attending school and work.

“Too many have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for too long,” Theis said. “Let’s work together to help fight this terrible disease.”

SR 20 now goes before the full Senate for consideration.


Sen. Lana Theis listens as constituent Brian Shuell discusses myalgic encephalomyelitis, commonly referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome.


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