Education Survey

Education Survey 20210119
Student Grade(s)
Have your children been attending school
Are you happy with the options your school district has offered related to in-person and remote options?
Do you feel the quality of the education your child(ren) have received so far this year measures up to a “normal” school year?
Do you feel your school board and school administration has done a good job involving you in their decision to either teach students in-person or remotely online?
Has your child(ren) experienced any increased anxiety or depression this school year?
Are you worried about the short-term or long-term impacts of your child(ren)’s social interactions?

For Parents/Teachers/Students Learning Remotely

Do you feel your student has experienced meaningful online instruction so far this year?
Does does your student enjoy online instruction?
Are you as a parent worried about any long-term impacts of online-only instruction?
Is your student able to self-motivate themselves to complete their school work online?
How often does your student interact with a teacher directly online?
Do you feel the number of interactions that your student has with a teacher directly online is sufficient?
Does your family have access to reliable to high-speed internet required for distance learning?
Has your school provided or helped to provide the equipment needed for your child to learn remotely? This could include a mobile internet hot-spot device, if necessary.

For Parents/Teachers/Students Learning In-Person

Do you feel your students are safely protected from COVID-19 during the day while learning in-person?
Do you feel your student has experienced meaningful in-person instruction so far this year?

For All Parents/Teachers/Students

Do you believe that your student(s) are experiencing any learning loss this year?
Do you believe that your child will need to remediate any learning loss they have experienced this year?
If your child is struggling to read at grade level, would you work with a reading tutor, if provided by the school or ISD?
Would you enroll your child in either full-time or part-time summer school to help reduce any learning loss your student(s) have experienced this year?
Would transportation be a hurdle for your student(s) attending summer school if busing was not provided by the district?